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Tom's Commentary

"This is good. My commentary page will act as my catharsis... it'll have to do until I have the resources to become Batman."

"I must say, seeing my thoughts in print and knowing it could be accessed by my future mate at any moment generates a type of panic in me!"

  - Thomas Blashill, Canadian futurist.


Death to all religious fanatics--death by stoning!


Chua Mui Hoong says "It is better, I submit, to believe in something passionately even if it is wrong, than to believe in nothing at all." What's wrong in believing passionately in finding out what is right and what is wrong? That's what everyone's main passion should be.

People will buy all sorts of expensive gizmos to protect their toys from theft, but will allow their children to run free without supervision in cities. Another kidnapping today in USA, the land of the foolish and the home of criminals. My solution will be to arm my children and train them to kill... in self defense only of course.