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Programming Tutorials

Welcome to the Mentis Software Department

Information is the stuff that dreams are made of. Nightmares too are composed of information, and sadly are much more prevalent today than dreams. I am referring of course to software. Quality control is apparently a foreign concept to the "software industry", or if they are aware of it, they must consider it highly unfashionable.

The goals of this section are as follows: To write and recognize good software, to help people deal with software be it good or bad, and to promote a revolution to put an end to bad software.


This section contains information about our various programming projects, past and present (and possibly future as well). There will be a number of programs available for download, of various degrees of utility and amusement. Whenever possible, we reveal our source code as well.


It is said that though prosperity is a good teacher, adversity is better. Where prosperity gives you the opportunity to learn, adversity forces you. Our long and often bitter experience with software has taught us much, and in this section we try to pass on some of that knowledge to you.